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Streamlining Real Estate Communications with Giant’s VoIP

For Estate Agents, Property Developers, and Rental Agencies in the UK

The real estate industry thrives on timely connections – between agents, buyers, sellers, and renters. Giant’s VoIP comes equipped with tools designed to streamline these interactions.

Never Miss an Opportunity with Call Queuing Potential buyers or renters can call in at any time. Automated Call Queuing ensures that even during peak times, every inquiry is addressed, maximizing opportunities for sales and rentals.

Stay Mobile with Mobile Twinning w/ VoiceCloud Estate agents are often on the move, showing properties or meeting clients. With Mobile Twinning, they can take their landline extension on the go, ensuring they’re always reachable.

Secure Transactions with SIP and RTP Encryption Whether it’s discussing property prices, rental agreements, or payment details, secure conversations are essential. SIP and RTP encryption ensure all communications remain confidential.

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In addition to Broadband, telephone lines, and mobile sim cards, Giant Communications offers residential and business communication solutions.

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