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Grab our fastest, next-generation, future-ready broadband today!

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Grab our fastest, next-generation, future-ready broadband today

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Why choose Giant for your home broadband

3 reasons you should choose us for your home

Blazing speeds up to 900Mbps to keep you going.

Fixed-price package with no price increases during your broadband contract.

Support to help you. Whatever the problem.

Grab yourself a broadband deal

With speeds of up to 900mb, there is no slowing down.

Full Fibre gives you a significantly faster connection – even during peak hours. If Full Fibre is unavailable to you, you can still go superfast with Fibre broadband.

All giant broadband packages and solutions offer a robust router as standard to keep your broadband running smoothly.

Limitless streaming and online gaming

Playing online or downloading the latest AAA title, Full Fibre is gaming without any of the slow-downs.

£46.99 a month*, 18 per month contract + FREE INSTALLATION + £9.95 P&P.   All gamers can enjoy this connection, 30+ devices supported. 300Mb/s average download speed. Includes:

  • Easy self-setup.

  • Unmetred. All-you-can-eat.

  • Choice between both dynamic and  a static IP.

  • Download the latest games in minutes.

  • Say goodbye to online buffering and slowdowns.

Whenever you need it, it's super-reliable

A nationwide rollout of full fibre is underway, built on the most reliable technology in the industry. You can connect over 100 devices to it, so it keeps up with your demanding schedule. Now and in the future.

Full Fibre (FTTP) does not require copper cables or neighbour sharing. Our fastest broadband technology is set to deliver speeds up to 25 times faster than our standard fibre.

Play Video

Work. Stream. Game.

Whatever you do online, do it with our fast, reliable broadband.
With a wide range of broadband packages to choose from, we have the best broad deal for everyone.

All our broadband packages include:
Fastest speeds

We proudly offer faster download speeds than our competitors for ultrafast broadband service.

Strong, reliable wi-fi

Get a great connection with our selected broadband routers.

Unlimited broadband

No data caps or download limits; you can do as much as you want.

Security as standard

Security is our top priority when establishing your superfast broadband connection.

Broadband FAQs

The launch of full fibre is ongoing across the UK, so it’s not available everywhere just yet. The process is moving quickly, and more and more homes are getting connected every day.
Check whether it’s available where you live by using our broadband checker and entering your UK post code code. Depending on where you live, you will be able to choose from Full Fibre packages.
Until Full Fibre is available in your area, we’ll show you what other broadband deals you can get, and you can sign up to hear when it’s available.

You won’t be able to make or receive incoming calls from the emergency services if you don’t have a landline phone. Broadband lets you have broadband without a landline.

A broadband connection gives you access to the internet and all that you can do online. Broadband is delivered to your home using fiber or copper cables. Check out our broadband deals page to see how much broadband you can get from us.
In addition to a wired Internet connection (via an Ethernet cable), you can also connect wirelessly (using your Wi-Fi). Wi-fi is the technology that allows you to get online wirelessly, with wi-fi enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

If you have opted for Broadband only, you will not be able to retrieve your number. This will also apply if you switch providers.

They must be made on your mobile device. With Broadband only, you won’t have a dial tone and won’t be able to make calls on your landline. 999 calls, other emergency calls, and calls to premium numbers are included.

If you’ve chosen a Broadband-only plan, you won’t have a dial tone. You don’t have landline phone service because your package does not include it. Please call customer service from your mobile phone if you have a broadband package with us that includes a landline phone service and you do not have a dial tone. A customer service representative will assist you.

Fibre to the cabinet or ‘FTTC’ is the tried and tested standard superfast home fibre broadband technology that Giant communications, offers to it’s residential customers. Fibre broadband is sent through fibre optic cables from your nearest telephone exchange, to the green cabinet on your street which is then connected to your home over traditional copper lines. The maximum download speed FTTC can deliver is 80 megabits per second with a maximum upload speed of 20 megabits per second.

The latest technology we use is fibre to the premises (FTTP) which is the latest way Giant can reliably connect your lovely home to our expanding home broadband network. This is quickest way for us to connect your home address to our Lightning-fast network. Our superfast full fibre broadband allows you and your family to take full advantage the UK’s fastest internet speeds (upto 1 Gigabit per second). FTTP is rather new, you may have to wait until Openreach have upgraded your local network infrastructure before it’s available to you.


Switching to Giant broadband is easy and hassle-free. 

The switching process has always been one of the main worries for any broadband consumer, you can switch to Giant in 3 easy steps, we’ll do most of the leg-work, for you!

Step 1

Choose the deal that best works for your home

Step 2

We’ll tell your current provider you’re switching

Step 3

We’ll take care of the hard bit, getting you connnected

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