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Giant Fibre Broadband is backed by a robust fibre optic network that spans the entire UK, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity for your home. 

It’s time to step into a new era of internet connectivity. Upgrade to Giant Fibre Broadband today and unlock new opportunities for your business.

Giant communications offers residential and business comunication solutions, which include Broadband, telephone lines and mobile sim card products.

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Ultrafast full fibre broadband from £19.99 per month

From the vibrant arts scene in Bristol to the serene landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, Giant is ensuring every home has access to top-tier internet. Our deals are so fantastic, you’ll wonder how we do it!

Why Giant full-fibre broadband?

Giant is on a mission to show its’ customers that broadband can be done better. Simple. Choose your package. Book It. Recieve your router. Installation. Done.

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Weekend and evening hours are available in most areas.

No setup charges.

No setup or installation charges with us.**

Flexible contracts.

Choose the contract period you want. between 12 or 18 months.

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Next new game coming out? Temporarily Boost your broadband speed.

Are you a landlord?

As a landlord or developer, you have the power to enhance the living experience of your tenants by providing them with ultra-fast gigabit broadband. 

How do we compare?

Keeping broadband as affordable as possible for our customers is very important, this is why Giant aims to be priced lower than the majority of house-hold names!

Giant communications logo, broadband and connectivity company based in the UK
Full Fibre 900
Fibre 900
Unlimited Data
No in contract price increase
No out-of-contract price rises
Contact Length
12-18 months
24 months
24 months
24 months
18 months
Price per month*

* Figures used researched independently. Giant pricing based on local on-net pricing.

Switch in 3 simple steps

Giant makes switching broadband providers easy and hassle-free.

Switching providers can be concerning for any broadband consumer. With Giant, we make the switching process easier than ever and do the heavy lifting for you.

Latest News and Insights

Stay updated with the latest in broadband technology, internet safety tips, and more. Our blog features articles that help you make the most of your Giant broadband experience.

Why switch Broadband Providers?

If you’re tired of slow average speeds and high monthly costs, it’s time to upgrade to Giant. When you opt for one of our superfast broadband packages, you will experience faster download speeds that allow you to get the most out of your connection.

Here are some of the most common reasons to switch broadband providers:

  • Faster broadband speeds – Slow, subpar broadband service is one of the key reasons why many customers make the switch to Giant
  • Provider hikes prices – Between set up fees and increased monthly cost, many broadband consumers choose to save money by switching providers
  • Poor customer service – Many customers who had a poor service experience with their existing provider make the switch to Giant for our fast and reliable support team

Frequently Asked Questions about Broadband

Full fibre is currently being rolled out across the UK, so it is not yet available everywhere. More and more homes are becoming connected every day as the process moves quickly.
Use our broadband checker and enter your UK postcode to see if it is available in your area. Choose from a range of Full Fibre packages depending on where you live.
While Full Fibre is not yet available in your area, we’ll tell you what other broadband deals you can get in the meantime, and make sure you know when it becomes available.

There will be no way for you to place or receive incoming calls from the emergency services if you do not have a landline phone. Broadband enables you to receive broadband without having a landline.

Having a broadband connection enables you to connect to the internet and do all sorts of online activities. Cables or fiber optics are used to deliver broadband to your home. Visit our broadband deals page to see what we can offer you.
Additionally to using a wired Internet connection (via Ethernet cable), you can use a wireless connection (via Wi-Fi). A WiFi-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, enables you to link up to the Internet wirelessly.

In the event that you chose Broadband only, you will not be able to access your number. However, if required, we can attempt to transfer your number to Giant and provide you with a virtual landline with our handy smartphone app.

Your mobile device must be used to make them. You won’t have a dial tone and won’t be able to make calls from your landline when using Broadband only. This includes calls to 999, other emergency numbers, and premium numbers.

You will not have a dial tone if you have a Broadband-only plan. As part of your package, you do not receive landline telephone service. If you don’t have a dial tone and you have a broadband package that includes a landline phone service from us, please contact customer service from your mobile phone. We can assist you.

The superfast FTTC home fibre broadband technology Giant Communications offers to its residential customers is a tried and tested standard. Fiber broadband is delivered over fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange to a green cabinet in your street, which is then connected to your home over traditional copper wires. FTTC can deliver a download speed of 80 megabits per second and an upload speed of 20 megabits per second.

Fiber to the premises (FTTP) is the latest technology we use to connect your home to our expanding home broadband network. It is the quickest and easiest way for us to connect your home address to our lightning-fast network. You and your family can enjoy the UK’s fastest internet speeds with our superfast full fibre broadband (up to 1 Gigabit per second). Because FTTP is relatively new, you may have to wait until Openreach upgrades your local network infrastructure before it becomes available.

Home Phone VoIP FAQs

The quality of your call over an analogue landline telephone will be slightly better than it would be on a regular analogue traditional telephone call, limited by only one side of the call being our business grade HD VoIP quality. In both cases, the call quality will be superior to what you are used to on your other VoIP phone. If you are calling another VoIP phone, you will be able to enjoy full business quality HD VoIP. It’s exactly for this reason that we don’t tie our customers down to contracts and don’t have to – we’re confident they’ll love the quality, product, and service at a fraction of the cost of analogue.

If you would like to request a geographic number port, you can call our sales line to discuss transferring your landline prior to ordering.

Transfers that are straightforward where your provider releases your number quickly will take 8 – 20 days. Single lines transfer at the lower end of this timescale, whereas multiple lines transfer at the higher end. Your ID documents should be uploaded as soon as possible, and we’ll process your transfer as soon as possible. If you prefer, we can also schedule it for a future date.

VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” is a technology that uses the Internet to make telephone calls, instead of traditional analogue phone lines. That basically means if you have WiFi or a good quality 3/4G connection you can make and receive calls using data. Its a modern way of making a phone call if you like and the quality is far superior to your regular analogue phone line, although most people can’t tell the difference. A lot of people stereotype VoIP with consumer type VoIP services; there is no comparison. We operate our own carrier grade network that delivers calls to you, using business quality HD VoIP technology. The call quality is the best available from old and new technology.

Giant communications logo, broadband and connectivity company based in the UK
Giant communications logo, broadband and connectivity company based in the UK
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