Empowering Your UK Business with Smart Connectivity

In the age of digitalisation, staying connected is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. That’s why providing your guests with a seamless internet experience can make a significant difference in their perception of your business. At the heart of this experience lies our state-of-the-art Business Guest Wi-Fi Services.

What are Business Guest Wi-Fi Services?

Business Guest Wi-Fi Services allow businesses to provide secure, high-speed internet access to their visitors. But it’s more than just about connectivity. With our innovative solutions, your business can capture customer data seamlessly, enhancing your marketing efforts and building stronger relationships with your customers.

Plans & Pricing

Simple subscription pricing

If you need your guest access portal set up easily and efficiently, enquire today for your smooth installation and deployment.

Hosted UniFi Site

£4.99 /mo

per UniFi controller site
excl. VAT

Access Point(s)

£9.99 /mo

per device + optional installation service*
excl. VAT

* Please note: That a quote for our installtion service is subject to a on-premise site survey before agreement.

Cloud Captive Portal License

£19.99 /mo

per site license
excl. VAT
No more "Can I have the WiFi password?"

How customers connect

Customer selects your Guest WiFi network

Your Guest network is always broadcasted.

Accept the terms and conditions

The customer must agree to your terms and conditions before they are allowed to connect to your network.

Customer successfully joins the guest network

Great news! They’ve successfully connected to your network and are free to browse the internet.

Who's it for?

Whether you have your own guest WiFi network where you wish to increase your ability to interact with your guests/patrons or are a service provider looking for an easy to deploy solution for your clients, our Hosted Captive Portal is an ideal solution for you.

* Device must be compatiple.

Collect important customer data

You’re missing out on the collection of customer data by handing out your business’ WiFi password for guests, we provide a full solution to help you collect, store and utilise that collected data, effectively. 

Couple on a business trip doing check-in at the hotel

Hotel PMS Integrations

Currently supported PMS platforms are Oracle Hospitality Opera (on-premise), Oracle Hospitality Suite8, Protel, Guestline, Mews Systems, and Clock PMS.

* Subject to additional fees.

Premium cloud capture portal

How the capture portal works

It’s super easy for your guests to gain access to your WiFi.

Login portal for the Giant guest WiFi solutions

Step 1: Your customer can select how they want to register their details.

Guest WiFi intergrates with powerful data collection tools and third-parties

Step 2: Customer proceeds to provide required contact information in exchange for a WiFi time slot.

Create guest wifi redirects to your website or social media channels

Step 3: Customer is then connected and redirected to either a promotional deal, webpage or can simply continue their current browsing session.

Strengthen your brand

Guest networks can greatly increase customer exposure to your brand while your customers do most of the work!

Social Login

With our captive portal addon license, you can allow users to share their contact information for upselling and marketing, all while logging in via Facebook, instagram, Microsoft etc.

Get users "checking in"

Require your users to check-in using their social media before connecting, raising brand awareness on social media.

Security, first

With intelligent threat-management monitoring systems, you can rest-easy knowing your guest network security is well protected from potential threats.

Cloud Captive Portal Features

Our Captive portal offers the following features

Facebook Login

Users can register by logging in with their Facebook account. Additionally, you can ask the user to share a specified URL or Facebook page

Instagram Login

Users can log in with their Instagram account to register. Allow users to follow your Instagram account after they successfully login by redirecting them to your Instagram profile page

Microsoft AzureAD Login

Login with a Microsoft or AzureAD account to register. All types of Microsoft accounts are supported, including single tenants, multitenants, and personal ones.

Sponsored Access

Sponsors can approve access requests from guests. Email or SMS confirmations are sent to guests.

Manual authorisation

Provides administrators with the ability to grant network access to devices based on their MAC addresses with custom durations and speed limits. Ensures approved devices don't have to interact with the captive portal.

Voucher Codes

Users may also use UniFi Voucher codes that were issued through UniFi Hotspot Manager to gain access. All UniFi Voucher options are supported.

Store and process the collected information

If successful, add the collected email addresses and names to a MailChimp mailing list. You can automatically process the collected information in almost any 3rd-party application using one or more Webhooks (we recommend Zapier).

Various reports

Analyzing and summarizing guest logins. User density heat maps

supports functions for GDPR compliance

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