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£4.99 a month*, 30 day rolling contract. Bring your own device or rent a phone for an additional £5.99/mo

Say goodbye to traditional home phone and hello to VoIP

Shrink your call costs with our state-of-the-art digital service, no more physical lines to your home (apart from your internet of course).

Divert your home phone to your mobile while you’re out so your in, even when your out!

home phone landline without a landline line rental
Giant communications offers one of the UK's best VoIP telephone solutions for both business and residential customers.

Get more from your home phone

The plans we offer have simple, flexible features to meet the needs of your household, as well as advanced technology to defend against nuisance calls.

Plans & Pricing

Modern phones for modern homes

Complete your home broadband with one of our exclusive deals on home phone services.

home phone landline without a landline line rental

Pay As You Go

£4.99 /mo

Unlimited Minutes

£10.99 /mo

Don't require a call bundle?

How much do "Out-of-bundle" calls cost?

Find out how much calls cost whilst using VoiceCloud, you can use our call cost simulator, simply enter any phone number and the number of minutes to display how much you may spend.*

for Minute(s)

*Please note: Simulated results, should be used as a guide price, the simulation will try to match your search to the nearest rate result. If you have any queries, please get in touch.

Transfer your current number

To transfer your current number to Giant Communications, start the quick and easy process by clicking the button below.

FAQs about VoIP home phone service

Your phone number can usually be kept in most cases. Your phone number will be needed as soon as you place an order – just choose a package and let us know.

If we can transfer your phone number we’ll let you know before you submit your number port (Number transfer). If we can’t transfer your number, we’ll send you a new number in your confirmation email or letter. Until your new phone line is activated, you should remain a customer of your cable telephone company.

If you are calling a regular analogue landline telephone the quality of your call quality will be slightly better than a regular analogue traditional telephone call, limited by only one side of the call being our business grade HD VoIP quality . If you are calling another VoIP phone you will get a much higher quality call in full business quality HD VoIP. In any event, the call quality will be superior to what you are used to in both cases. That’s exactly why we don’t tie our customers into a contract, we don’t need to – we know they will love the quality, product and service at a fraction of the cost of a regular analogue service.

Yes, to request a geographic number port, you can contact our sales line to discuss transferring your landline prior to ordering.

Simple transfers where your provider releases your number speedily will take between 8 – 20 days. Single lines transfer across at the lower end of this timescale & multi lines on the higher end. Please do make sure you upload your ID documents as quickly as possible & we will submit your transfer as fast as we can. You can also specify a future date if you’d prefer!

VoIP or “Voice over Internet Protocol” is a technology that uses the Internet to make telephone calls, instead of traditional analogue phone lines. That basically means if you have WiFi or a good quality 3/4G connection you can make and receive calls using data. Its a modern way of making a phone call if you like and the quality is far superior to your regular analogue phone line, although most people can’t tell the difference. A lot of people stereotype VoIP with consumer type VoIP services; there is no comparison. We operate our own carrier grade network that delivers calls to you, using business quality HD VoIP technology. The call quality is the best available from old and new technology.

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