Transform Your Business Communications with Our VoIP System

At Giant Communications, we understand the power of seamless connectivity and efficient communication. That’s why we provide top-quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems tailored for UK businesses. Our VoIP solutions are not only cost-effective but also user-friendly, even for those not tech-savvy.

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Business landline Plans & Pricing

Smart Pricing For Smart Phone Lines

No extra fees, plenty of extra features, all powered by your broadband connection


£5.99 /mo*

excl. VAT

*applies per seat / per extension.

** Free landline minutes include dialled numbers that start with 01 & 02 prefixes. Free Mobile minutes include dialled numbers beggining with 07 prefixes.


£8.99 /mo*

excl. VAT

*applies per seat / per extension.

** Free landline minutes include dialled numbers that start with 01 & 02 prefixes. Free Mobile minutes include dialled numbers beggining with 07 prefixes.


£14.99 /mo*

excl. VAT

*applies per seat / per extension.

** Free landline minutes include dialled numbers that start with 01 & 02 prefixes. Free Mobile minutes include dialled numbers beggining with 07 prefixes.

Global Premium

£27.50 /mo*

excl. VAT

*applies per seat / per extension.

** Free global minutes include dialled prefixes that can be viewed by clicking the relevent feature text. Free Mobile minutes include dialled numbers beggining with 07 prefixes.


£4.99 /mo*

excl. VAT

*applies per seat / per extension.

** Calls are paid for on a post pay basis, extensions / users are billed in a pre-pay manner.

Flex Pro

£5.99 /mo*

excl. VAT

*applies per seat / per extension.

** Calls are paid for on a post pay basis, extensions / users are billed in a pre-pay manner.

Don't require a call bundle?

How much do "Out-of-bundle" calls cost?

Find out how much calls cost whilst using VoiceCloud, you can use our call cost simulator, simply enter any phone number and the number of minutes to display how much you may spend.*

for Minute(s)

*Please note: Simulated results, should be used as a guide price, the simulation will try to match your search to the nearest rate result. If you have any queries, please get in touch.

What our customers have to say

You'll be in Great company!

Benefits of Our VoIP Systems

Accelerating the UK’s transition from PSTN

Our VoIP systems are packed with features designed to empower your business operations and create an intelligent cloud phone system that’s tailored to your business with ease.

Fortune favours the brave

Instant Set-up

Pick your own phone number right from the get-go, with instant set up and ready to take calls in minutes.


Work from anywhere, your calls can be forwarded to wherever you are.


Easily add or remove users as your business needs change.

Why Choose Us

Safe, guaranteed, and easy to use

Our VoIP systems are packed with features designed to empower your business operations, such as:

So many features

We let our large feature-set speak for themselves. Automate your phone line with time diraries, record your calls, SMS, auto-setup and much more.

HD Voice Audio

Crystal clear business VoIP phone calls with perfect voice clarity. The modern way of making a phone call with quality that is far superior to your average analogue phone line.


Making calls over the internet is a whole lot more cost-effective than traditional systems.

No Contract

We don't tie you in to long-term service contracts. 30 day rolling is long enough to show you how we can help.


Work here, there and everywhere

VoiceCloud will work on your every day devices, making it easier for large corporations, freelances and small businesses to access their telephone system with ease and without disruption, there is always a way to communicate with VoiceCloud.

On your mobile

On your PC

On your IP Phone

Via Microsoft Teams

Preloaded with Audio to help you stand out

Pre-recorded HD Quality Audio Recordings

VoiceCloud comes packed with a set of pre-loaded professionally recorded audio announcements so you can hit the ground running with HD quality audio. Listen to the samples below:

Call Recording

Hear the difference.

Incoming Calls

Hear the difference.

Next Available person

Hear the difference.

VoiceCloud Virtual Landline app icon


Fully featured virtual landline app

Call from your business landline number on your mobile phone, better equip your engineers while they’re on the road – Get the most out of your VoIP telecom solution.

* A valid Giant VoIP subscription is required

Bring your own devices.

Flexibility and convenience, we want to provide you with the freedom to use the equipment that best suits your needs. You are more than welcome to bring it along and seamlessly integrate it into our system. We strive to ensure that your experience with our service is personalised and tailored to your preferences, and allowing the use of your own VoIP device is just one way we can achieve that. 

* Device must be compatiple.

Cloud Dashboard, an overview at your fingertips.

Our cloud VoIP dashboard allows you to remotely manage your business’ telephony system and equipment from anywhere in the world. Monitor your calls, staff and handsets to put your mind at ease.

Play Video

Third-party apps

Super-charge your Giant VoiceCloud system with Pro integrations, synchronise contacts, connect to the world’s most powerful third-party systems.

* A valid Giant VoIP subscription is required

HD Business calls that bring every word to life

Immerse yourself in audio excellence with our VoIP system. Transmitting your crystal clear voice over Opus, G.711 and G.722 codecs, our HD-enabled solution guarantees unparalleled clarity and lifelike sound reproduction. Elevate your communication to new heights and indulge in the true high-definition experience.

Our solution ensures crystal-clear conversations that bring every word to life. Upgrade today and experience the true meaning of high-definition communication.

* Device must be compatiple. Please note: The Opus codec is not always supported by all carriers and should only be used for SIP to SIP calls.

we're well connected

Backed by multi-million pound carriers

Giant works with top-tier telephony carriers across the world, ensuring HD quality, low-cost call transit and security.

High-grade carriers
0 M
Connected calls / year
Callable Country Destinations
Everybody's doing it

AI Speach Recognition and Text-to-Speach

You’re own virtual generative speach engines, in the cloud, allow you to generate new text to speach messages on the fly, aswell as, transcribe real conversations to text.

AWS polly

TTS (Standard)

Google Cloud (Default)


IBM Watson


Business landline Plans & Pricing

Tailor-made to suit your business

Each Telephone VoIP service can be tailor-made to suit your business and help you improve effiency, answer all your calls and be segmented across each department.

Your business phone is often the first impression a new customer gets of you, so it’s crucial to make it count. Turn skeptical callers into loyal customers by dressing up your business phone line with features usually only available to large corporations.

Click the buttons below to see which features are useful for yout type of business

Voice Cloud Features for Restaurants

IVR number menus

When a customer calls your restaurants' phone number, you are able to present them with several menu options for different parts of your hospitality business, for example: "Please press 1 if you would like to book a table, press 2 for deliveries or for anything else, please press 3!"

Call recording

Call recording can help your restaurants' staff members feel more at ease when a customer wants to make a complaint and not have to write down the details of the complaint or you can simply make sure that your staff are representing your brand more effectively.

Call Queuing

You can have peace of mind knowing that any calls you recieve for new deliveries or bookings while your phone line is currently in use that any potenitally missable business is now being held in a queue with your own customisable hold music or messages.

Time Diaries & Opening TImes

You can program your new VoiceCloud VoIP system to operate differently based on time diary conditions. For example, maybe you're open all week long but on a Tuesday afternoon at 4PM, you would like to divert your calls or play a short message to the caller to say you're closed but you're open tomorrow? You can do all of this with Giant VoiceCloud.

SMS Campaigns

Sending bulk SMS campaigns to your loyal customers has never been easier with schedulable outbound SMS campaigns directly from your business. Send out New Year's offers for the new 2 for 1 cocktail offer you're promoting perhaps? 🍹🍹🍹🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Features for the Office

IVR number menus

Give each department it's own number option with an IVR, create in-depth multi-step phone system menus so your clients or customers can get in touch with the correct department, easily and effienctly.

Call Queuing

Is it busy between 9am and 11pm? Set up a call queuing system for your office so when you reach capacity, any further incoming phone calls can failover to one of your intelligent call queues.

Time Diaries & Opening TImes

Set up your office working hours, create bank-holiday rules and allow your phone system behaves across many time diary conditions and allow time-based autonomy become another employee.

Voicemail to Email

Send a copy of every voicemaily ou recieve to your corporate voicemail box so you can keep an eye on urgent matters or important information from whever you're working.

Features to help you handle all calls

IVR number menus

Present your caller with a multi-level IVR menu system with an additional dial by extension function in just a couple of simple clicks with VoiceCloud.

Call recording

Monitor and gain a better understanding of your agents performance with call recording across each leg of each call incoming or outgoing from your contact centre.

Call Queuing

Implement multiple call queues within your contact centre, with any number of agents, PSTN forwarders, key press actions (Such as an escape key with automatic call back when it's the callers turn in the queue).


Create and edit your own customisable wallboards for monitoring and data insights on the daily operations of your call contact centre. View live call data, check the online status of your agents etc.

Time Diaries & Opening TImes

Change the behaviour of your phone system by time of day, day of the month with special programmable time conditions to execute additional call flows and special functions.

Hunt Lists

Configure multiple hunt list groups for different teams, first leg, second leg support etc with configurable ring times with PSTN (Mobile or Landline) failover.

VoiceCloud and other Softphones

For every seat/user you have a license for you gain access to our VoIP companion app for both smartphone and desktop. You can easily invite each user via email too. - Ofcourse if you prefer, yopu can use any other softphone app that is compatiple with VoiceCloud.

Bringing your own hardware

What phone options do I have?

VoiceCloud is a highly flexible VoIP platform for Business, it allows you to set up your devices with ease with a long list of supported hardware. Bring your devices from anywhere, no need to invest in a new set of devices.

3 Steps

VoIP Phones

Between £42-130 RRP

Step 1: Order your device.

Step 2: Add the device to your VoIP account using the device’s MAC Address with your associated user extensions.

Step 3: Plug it in! The rest is done automatically.

3 Steps


Between £35-50 RRP

Step 1: Order your ATA.

Step 2: Add the ATA to your Giant VoIP account using the device’s MAC Address and Serial Number with your associated user extensions.

Step 3: Plug your ATA into your router and your analogue phone into the ATA. The rest is done automatically.

4 Steps

Free App


Step 1: Access the VoiceCLoud set up wizard within your account.

Step 2: Invite your users and link extensions.

Step 3: Download and Install the FREE app.

Step 4: Scan the QR code recieved from the VoiceCloud Invitation email. ANd you’re done!

Transfer your current number

To transfer your current number to Giant Communications, start the quick and easy process by clicking the button below.

Business VoIP phone line FAQs

  • You don’t need to buy an expensive phone system
  • Multi-location phone extensions – You can use our system in as many different locations as you need
  • Free calls between remote offices
  • Be local to your customers from a single office by having inbound numbers in multiple area codes
  • Ensure that your voicemail system is flexible
  • Call capacity is unlimited
  • At different times of the day, ring different phones in your office

“VoIP”, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a communication technology that uses the Internet instead of traditional analogue telephone lines for the purpose of making telephone calls. You can make and receive calls using data if you have WiFi or a decent 3/4G connection. A modern way of making a phone call if you will, and its quality is far superior to that of a traditional analogue line, although most people cannot tell the difference. Many people associate VoIP with consumer-type VoIP services; however, this cannot be compared. Utilizing business quality HD VoIP technology, we operate a carrier grade network to make calls to you. Our call quality is among the best available.

The launch of full fibre is ongoing across the UK, so it’s not available everywhere just yet. The process is moving quickly, and more and more homes are getting connected every day.
Check whether it’s available where you live by using our broadband checker and entering your UK post code code. Depending on where you live, you will be able to choose from Full Fibre packages.
Until Full Fibre is available in your area, we’ll show you what other broadband deals you can get, and you can sign up to hear when it’s available.
Yes – With a broadband connection with as little as a 256k upstream, you can support 3 or 4 simultaneous calls.

No – You should be able to use Giants’ cloud VoIP system on any other internet providers network, including any mobile carriers, aslong as the required ports are open (usually they are as standard).

You are correct. It includes hosting your numbers, lines, and users, as well as giving you access to your online dashboard and cloud communications center.

Various package options are available to suit all sizes, and you can add extras to tailor your own package.

In order to make outbound calls, you must either have credit on your account or be subscribed to one of our landline or mobile call packages. There is only one exception to this rule: when you call between users (e.g. by dialing the extension number of another phone on the same network), you are not charged.

If you currently pay for and possess a valid PPLPRS license, then yes, you can enjoy any music you like in the UK. See here. Or click here toview their current tariffs here.

Giants’ business VoIP services are compatible with equipment from Yealink, Panasonic, Mitel, Polycom, Gigaset, Fanvil, and many others. We provide a free virtual landline application that you can use if you do not have a business phone from one of these manufacturers.

Yes – If you could provide us with your phone number, we would be happy to help transfer your number to be used with our VoIP network.

A simple transfer in which your provider releases your number quickly will take between eight and twenty days. The transfer of single lines occurs at the lower end of the timescale and multiple lines at the higher end. It is extremely important that you upload your ID documents as soon as possible and we will process your transfer as soon as possible. If you wish, you may also specify a future date for the transfer.

The number can be used anywhere there is an internet connection once it has been ported to a voip operator like us.

Yes – You are able to set up ‘fail-over’ call routing to automatically detect and divert your incoming calls to a mobile phone or you can also use our FREE Virtual Landline app, this will act just like a VoIP handset, just on your smarthpne instead.

Take your VoiceCloud application further

Third-party app integrations


Integrate with Hubspot to sync call records, contacts, call details and more.


Integrate with Zendesk to sync call records, contacts, call details and more.

Zoho CRM

Integrate with Zoho CRM to sync call records, contacts, call details and more.

Dynamics 365

Integrate with Dynamics 365 to sync call records, contacts, call details and more.


Allow sending and receiving SMS/MMS via Twilio for users.


Integrate with Jitsi to enable instant video meetings for users.


Contacts syncing between Google Contacts.

Microsoft 365

Contacts syncing between Microsoft 365 and VoiceCloud.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Planned - Realtime communication via Whatsapp.


Planned - Realtime communication via Messenger.


Planned - Realtime communication via Telegram.



Premium + International Included Prefixes

USA/Canada USA/Canada: +1
Bermuda Bermuda: +441
UK UK: +44
Spain Spain: +34
Austria Austria: +43
Belgium Belgium: +32
China China: +86
Denmark Denmark: +45
Finland Finland: +358
France France: +33
Germany Germany: +49
Guam Guam: +1671
Hong Kong Hong Kong: +852
India India: +91
Israel Israel: +972
Italy Italy: +39
Luxembourg Luxembourg: +352
Malaysia Malaysia: +60
Malta Malta: +356
Mexico Mexico: +52
Mongolia Mongolia: +976
Netherlands Netherlands: +31
Norway Norway: +47
Peru Peru: +51
Poland Poland: +48
Portugal Portugal: +351
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico: +1787
Romania Romania: +40
Singapore Singapore: +65
South Korea South Korea: +82
Sweden Sweden: +46
Thailand Thailand: +66
Tunisia Tunisia: +216
Greece Greece: +30
Hungary Hungary: +36
Brazil Brazil: +55
Switzerland Switzerland: +41
Turkey Turkey: +90
Philippines Philippines: +63
Albania Albania: +355
Lithuania Lithuania: +370
San Marino San Marino: +378
Kosovo Kosovo: +383
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina: +387
Andorra Andorra: +376

Feature List

Voicemail & Mailboxes

Centralised Voicemail mailbox services.

HD Audio Calls

Make perfect crystal clear audio calls.


Conference bridge call facility & Call merging.

Zerotouch Autoprovisioning

Auto-provision your handsets with pre-programmed settings and easy VoIP system setup and synchronization.

Privacy Filters & Anonymous Calling

VoiceCloud allows you to withhold your outbound telephone numbers.

Customisable On Hold Service

Music and/or information directory assistance.

Ring Groups & Hunt Lists

Telephone Ring Group Management - Have your phone system call multiple users & devices at once.

Call Queuing

Automated Call Queueing Facility – never miss a call – facilitate multiple system calls at any given time.

Anonymous protection & Call Blocking

Anonymous call blocking and filter service.

TIme Conditions

Allowing complete control of routing calls to selected destinations and time fragments.

Live Call Monitoring

Discreet and effective live call monitoring incoming caller pre-identifications.

Email Notifications

Automatic email notifications, be notified about missed calls, voicemails, disconnected handsets and much more.

Call Recording

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Voice Recording.


Individualised Interactive Voice response system


Built-in Anti-fraud measures.

Group Chats

Collaborate and chat amongst your fellow colleagues, share documents, send files and work closer than ever before with teams and group chats.

24/7 Cloud Panel

Each of our VoIP telecom plans include 24/7 access for you to customize, change and adapt your telephony system on the fly in the cloud.

Call ROuting & Flows

Fully cloud manageable call routing system that allows our users to route specific calls or numbers through intelligent call flows.

Video Calls

Video call your contacts through your new call system with supported hardware and applications.

Realtime Statistics

Realtime call statistics dashboard, check total incoming calls, outbound calls, queue volume and other analytical information.

API Access

Create custom software and third-party integrations with VoiceClouds' extensive API.

Customisable Reports

Create and schedule statistic reports, giving you a regular account overview.

Find Me / Follow Me

Log into your extension from any other phone. Perfect for hot desking.

Music on Hold (MOH)

Customised On-Hold Information Directory Assistance and Music On-Hold (M.O.H.) service.

Queue Position Announcement

Tell your customers what position they're currently in the queue, better still, they're next!

Call Divert & Forwarding

Divert calls to any PSTN or VoIP SIP User.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email/Message Configuration.

Voicemail transcription (Voice to Text)

Convert voicemail recordings to text and send via email automatically.

Shared Cloud Phonebooks

Synchronize your handsets with the same cloud phone book, share your contacts amongst the rest of the team.

Live Wallboards

Check the realtime status of all your extensions/agents and call queues.

Custom Media Library

Upload and use your own media files like custom music, announcements etc

Call Waiting

Call waiting is a smart function that allows the person talking on the phone to be notified if another call is incoming.

Hold Time Calculator

Automatically calculate your callers estimated wait time and let them know how long they can expect to be in the call queue.

Call PickUp

Allow different users to pickup and takeover calls.

Mobile twinning w/ VoiceCloud

Take your landline extension on the go with Giants' FREE VoIP app.

Blind Transfer

Transfer calls to a different user/agent 'at random'.