Wholesale UK Telecommunication API

Reseller Ordering Portal API v1.3

Fully automate your ordering process with Giants’ reseller API.

Create customer orders remotely

Remotely create a customer order, through one simple API call.

Suspend, Unsuspend & Terminate

You have the ability to automatically suspend, unsuspend and terminate your customers’ services.

Cost querying & Credit balances

Track your resller credit and buy-cost with one simple GET call.

Automated service provisioning

Connect your online ordering system to our portal and experience instant UK communication provisioning.


Remotely upgrade your customer tariffs, speeds, connections, call plans, IP’s, handsets and much more.

Useful platform integrations

Let Giant do the hard work for you and take advantage of our ready-made platform integrations.

Wholesale Resource API v1.0

Return powerful communication data via our API with authentication tokens

UK & US phone numbering API

Retrieve a live list of available UK & US telephone numbers to add into your reseller calls or to integrate within your online checkout.

Basic Broadband Availability

GET the estimated broadand speed, product availability and UPRN data. Perfect for self-servicing customers.

Extended Broadband Availability

Retrieve results for some of the UKs’ largest broadband carriers, these products will be checked: ADSL, SoGEA & FTTP.

Remotely Roll Key

Protect your account with remotely rollable API keys.

Broadband Testbed

Simmulate LIVE broadband availability checks with your API credentials.

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