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Elevating Educational Communication with Giant’s VoIP

For Schools, Universities, and Educational Institutions in the UK

In the realm of education, communication bridges educators, students, parents, and administrators. Giant’s VoIP offers a suite of features ensuring streamlined communication tailored for the UK’s educational needs.

Facilitate Virtual Learning with Video Calls (Coming Soon) The future of education includes virtual learning sessions. The upcoming Video Calls feature allows educators to interact visually with students, making online lessons more engaging and interactive.

Emergency Notifications with Email Alerts For school administrators, sending out urgent notices about closures, emergencies, or schedule changes is essential. Automatic email notifications ensure that staff and students are always in the loop.

Manage Staff Communication with Hot Desking Universities and colleges often have visiting faculty or shared office spaces. The Hot Desking feature allows educators to use virtual extensions, assigning phones to themselves, ensuring they remain accessible even in shared environments.

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