Giant Communications Unveils the Giant Wholesale Product Availability Checker Plugin for WordPress (Release Candidate)

Innovative solution meets long-standing demand for easy-to-use, customisable postcode and product availability checker plugin for WordPress websites

Giant Communications, a provider of reseller broadband solutions, proudly announces the launch of the Giant Wholesale Product Availability Checker plugin for WordPress. This easy-to-use tool fulfills a demand that has gone unmet for years, providing resellers with a powerful and customisable solution to embed postcode checkers and product availability information directly on their websites.

Resellers and developers alike can now access a plugin designed to simplify and enhance the user experience, ensuring potential customers can effortlessly check broadband availability and view product options tailored to their location.

Key Features of the Giant Wholesale Product Availability Checker Plugin:

  1. Postcode Lookup Integration: The plugin integrates seamlessly with Giants’ API, allowing users to input their postcode and quickly receive address details and availability.
  2. Customisable Product Listings: Display available broadband packages dynamically, with customizable pricing, descriptions, and order links.
  3. Elegant Design Options: Choose from multiple modern and sleek card styles to present product information, including color pickers for theme customization.
  4. Responsive and User-Friendly: Designed to be responsive, ensuring optimal display and functionality across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.
  5. Admin Flexibility: Comprehensive settings panel for administrators, allowing easy adjustments to layout, colors, and styles, along with a live preview feature.
  6. License Verification: Integrated license key validation to ensure secure and authorised use of the plugin, with easy status checks in the admin panel.

Giant Communications’ Commitment:

“We recognised a significant gap in the market for a reliable, user-friendly postcode and product availability checker plugin. We decided to create a tool that meets the needs of resellers and enhances the customer experience. We are thrilled to introduce this plugin and are confident it will become an essential tool for broadband resellers UK-wide. This brings me great joy as this was always one of the barriers for entry when we first started out.” – Callum Longworth, Director of Giant Communications

The Giant Wholesale Product Availability Checker plugin is now available for download from Giant Communications’ website.

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